E-Liquid V2 Cigarettes are supposed to be the new trend and safer way then smoking an actual Tobacco cigarette. I’m not real sure about that, but it seems to be taking off. This kit standardly comes with everything you need to start with. It comes with a convenient usb charger, two different batteries, a regular adapter charger, some cartages, a manual, and a great lifetime warranty in case anything ever happens. These vapor cigarettes are a great new substitute for smoking without the harshness of a normal cigarette. When you first buy this product also get the luxury of choosing two flavors of your choice along with strength of nicotine you would like. If you want to be trendy while you smoke, they also give you the option of picking your battery color. I know with some people even things like that are nice, to be able to pick between so many options and get it the way you like. You get to pick between so many flavors such as; cherry, chocolate, and peppermint and those are only some of the flavors. Just remember to check your new E-cigarette for its expiration date because you always want to keep it fresh. Depending on wh219x258_V2Cigs-electronic-cigarettes-starter-kitich place you get your e-cigarettes, whether it’s at a convenient store or a grocery store, or even online they have some great deals on this product. In the long run these Vapor cigarettes look like they’ll be a lot cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes every day to every other day. This product could be a new trendy and safe alternative to cigarettes, but there has to be some kind of side effects from this product. Just like Regular cigarettes everything comes with side effects. It has found in some studies that have not yet been proven that liquid nicotine in small amounts can poison you. Even if you get a little bit of the liquid on your skin or even if someone that is just filling the cartage can be poisoned by this product. These side effects are still being studied though. The side effects haven’t been proven yet, but until then E-Cigarettes are a better alternative to regular cigarettes. Some of other side effects from vaping, as it’s called now, are some dry skin, maybe a little dry mouth, or caffeine sensitivity. Even these side effects are small in comparison to the side effects from smoking or quitting tobacco cigarettes. Maybe it will help someone quit smoking and no beeter way to quit smoking then geting a system at a discounted price using one of these V2 cigs coupon code.